Best Summer 2022 Nail Trends

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Summer is the perfect season to play and experiment with your nails. This summer's trends point to bright colors, shapes and details on your nails. However some trends this summer also point to minimalism with a pop of color, classics, and metallic. There are no rules when it comes to nails but if you need a little bit of inspiration, I created some designs with my favorite trends for this summer.

Clear Nails or Jelly

Jelly Nails were on trend during 2018 and 2019 and now they're coming back for this summer. I created this design with various jelly charms to give it more of a gummy look.

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Hot Pink

Hot pink is everywhere this summer! One of the big colors of this season. I created this mismatched design that has also been trending for a while with a lighter pink and a sheer nude color to make the hot pink pop out. 

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Cute Strawberries

Early summer is strawberry season so it only makes sense to wear them on your nails too. Perfect to wear on summer picnics or day strolls. For this design I was inspired by Japanese strawberry milk drink designs. Cute and yummy!

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Matcha Green



Matcha green is the other big color of the season. With the "clean girl" aesthetic in full force in the summer, this color will instantly make you feel like you have your life put together and be "that girl."

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Summer Colorful Swirls

The swirl trend continues this summer but with a lot of vibrant colors instead of the basic and minimal designs that were popular these past few years. I added some flowers on this design for a little pop.

Classic French Mani

French will always be in style, it's a classic. But there are some variations in this design that come and go. Kylie Jenner popularized the design with pearls which is everywhere now. However, this season there's tons of French variations that are in style. Low French line, metallic, multi color pastels. You can be as creative or a simple with this design.

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Detailed Nail Art

A ton of detailed nails with mismatched designs are coming up for this season. I was inspired by Y2K aesthetic to create this design.

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Multi Color Nails

You don't have to decide for a color when you can wear them all. I used different colors in this French design but you can also go for a simpler look and paint the whole nail. 


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