How to Make Press on Nails Last Longer


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Press on Nails have gained so much popularity the past few years because of their versatility, convenience and affordability. However, one of the most common criticisms I hear about them is that they do not last and they fall so easily. This is a big misconception! Press on nail can last 2 weeks of continuous wear or more. The duration of press on nails mostly depends on nail preparation but there are also other factors that can affect how long they last on your nails.

High Quality Nails

The quality of the press on nails you wear is one of the factors that determine how long your nails will last. Cheap grocery store nails tend to be very flimsy and thin which makes them easy to bend, break and lift. Investing in higher quality nails ensures that the nails will not only last longer on your nails, but you can even reuse them.




Correct Sizing

Incorrect sizing is the most common reason for press on nails falling quickly after application. The artificial nail should fit snuggly from sidewall to sidewall without applying too much pressure to make them fit forcefully. Wearing press on nails that are too small for your nails can cause them to pop off from the pressure. In contrast, wearing press on nails that are too big for your fingers can cause water to go inside the nail and dissolve the nail glue faster. To find your correct sizing, I recommend purchasing a 24 nail set or purchasing a sizing kit beforehand.


Good Quality Nail Glue

The quality of the glue you use is just as important as the quality of the nails you're using. This should go without saying but it is essential you use a glue that is made specifically made for nails. They are created to work with the materials the nail tips are made of but also to work with your natural nails avoiding damage and guaranteeing adhesion. I include Makartt nail glue with all nail set purchases in the US. This is the nail glue I've gotten the longest duration out of all the nail glues I've tried before.



File Underneath Press on Nail

This is a step that is not necessary for the application of press on nails and is often skipped, but if you want to prolong the duration of your nails, this is a must. Simply file the underside of the press on nail to create some texture. This texture makes the glue hold on to the nail a lot better.

Correct Preparation

As previously mentioned, correct preparation of your natural nails will determine how long your nails will last on. 

 Clean Cuticles

Cleaning your cuticles ensures that the nail glue blonds correctly with your nail plate and prevent glue breakdown. I don't recommend cutting your cuticles, especially to beginners, instead you can push them down or use a cuticle remover liquid. My favorite is Blue Cross cuticle remover. It softens the cuticle for painless removal with a cuticle pusher.


Buff Your Natural Nail

 Just like you need to buff the underside of the press on nail, you need to buff your natural nail to prolong the wear time of the false nail. This creates texture that will make it harder for the nail to lift and move. Simply grab a buffing tool and gently scratch up your nail to create visible texture.


Next, clean your nails from any debris, residues or oils and dehydrate them with alcohol to create a better environment for the glue to adhere.


Make sure you're adding enough glue to cover all your nail plate and avoiding air bubbles but not too much it's spilling outside the nail, creating a mess.

Do Not Wet your Hands 

It's very important to not wet your hands after you've glued your nails. Water will quickly remove any wet glue therefore not adhering the nail. I recommend to apply your nails at night and let the nail glue dry overnight. However if you have to apply them during the day, avoid water for 2 hours at the very least.

Do Not Use Them As Tools

 Your nails are jewels not tools! Avoid being rough with your nails and using them for purposes they're not intended to. The force applied can make the press on nail pop off, taking a layer of your natural nails and lead to thin, sensitive nails in the future.



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