Get a unique, salon quality manicure, instantly at home.

Handmade, reusable, custom press on nails



Rai's House of Nails brings unique, custom press on nail designs tailored specifically to your taste and made with the highest quality gel nail tips in the market that you can reuse over and over again. Each set is handmade and designed to embrace femininity, playfulness and glamour whilst still remaining elegant. Self indulge in captivating nail sets that you will fall in love with.

About Rai's House of Nails press on nails

All my press on nail sets are made to order and custom tailored specifically to your size and liking. They are handmade and carefully crafted to make you a unique, personalized product. Made with high quality nail tips molded with soft gel and hand painted with salon quality products to make the nails sturdy and reusable. My press on nails last up to 4 weeks or more of continuous wear with correct nail prep and can be reused and reapplied 4-5 times more.

Worried about sizing? I’ve got you covered!

I highly recommend you start by purchasing a sizing kit to be 100% sure your new nails will fit perfectly. This way you can know your exact sizes and see in person how the nails will fit.

Wanting a custom design?

I'm always accepting custom design requests! I love hearing your ideas and working on unique designs.

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